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"Being an artist is about so much more than just being unique -- it's about being authentic."


Honest, born Anthony Christian Semler, is truly a renaissance man. Even just in the music world, he doesn't seem to be shy to express himself in any genre. His expression spans genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, smooth jazz, folk and Indie, rock, pop and is even on the cutting edge of developing a sound that I'm certain will one day be it's own genre. When we asked him about his diverse musical expression, he replied,


"I make the music that decides to flow through me, and I just try my best to get out of its way. It doesn't really feel like a choice, you know? There's just all these songs and they're trying to get out. and for whatever reason, they're trying to get to you through me."

Search on any music streaming platform, and you'll find several artists who've called themselves "Honest." When asked why he chose this name, Anthony replied,

"Well, Actually life told me to Be Honest, and i tried very hard to reject that calling. i lived my life as if i was asking the universe -- asking God how I could help others, how I could be of service, how I could live my life in such a way that I would create a net positive with my being here. And the response that came back, time and time again through my lived experience, was 'be Honest.' And as far as the many other 'Honest's' out there, I think it's great. It's beautiful that so many of us feel called to uphold integrity. I think we could afford to change our values on what we think an artist should or could be. Being an artist is about so much more than just being unique -- It's about being authentic. And I'm not calling myself Honest because I want to pat myself on the back and pretend i've never exploited my ability to lie. I'm Honest because that is my higher self -- my aim -- my most integrated and functional virtue. Of course I'm going to fall short of that aim. That's okay, and it's kind of the whole point. I always have something to strive for. There's always room for improvement. My life always has meaning and is constantly moving toward something."

His latest EP, Inside My Mind, is a testament to his integrity and dedication to pouring his passion into his expression.

Outside of his music, Anthony participates in a large myriad of activities and acts of service. He is the owner and operator of Apollo's Auricle Studios where he takes on many local clients whom he provides, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering. He produces the Eagle Spirit Radio Podcast, Featuring Lea Anne, who offers guided meditations and interviews with highly connected and spiritual guests. He is a 200-hr certified yoga instructor and teaches several classes each week, including aerial and acro yoga. He is a curator of several playlists featuring a vast array of moods and vibes (you can find these on his Spotify profile). He is a skilled carpenter with a portfolio ranging from cabinets to rock climbing walls, and he's climbed far more walls than he has built, both indoors and out. He is a photographer, painter and ceramicist. And on top of it all, he is a trained martial artist, so watch out!

"I strive to live an integrated life, in which all that I do serves and contributes to an ultimate purpose."

And it appears he is doing just that.

If you want to get to know Honest, follow him on social media and stay up to date with his latest creations.

written by Suellen Matteus

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