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Artist Development Course

Our most comprehensive course includes 12 weeks of 1-on-1 personalized coaching that is catered specifically to your goals as an artist.

MasterClass Suite

The MasterClass Suite offers access to all of our MasterClasses for exceptional value.

Songwriting MasterClass

This in-depth training will show you how to create songs from scratch and materialize the ideas floating around in your head.

Production MasterClass

Comprehensive training for translating your song idea into your DAW.

Mixing MasterClass

Learn how to negotiate the relationship between all the tracks that make up your song.

Mastering MasterClass

Step-by-step training to get your mixes "radio-ready" & loud.

Additional Single for ADC

Add more songs to the Artist Development Course.

ADC Alumni

The ADC Alumni course offers exclusive content for the graduates of the Artist Development Course. You will automatically have access to this course upon completion of the ADC.

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