Break The Law

Brothers &  Sisters, Fathers & Mothers,

     The time has come to solemnly leave behind the structures of old. They have provided us a world of ultimate connectivity, innovation, and abundance... for some. these systems, however, were flawed upon inception, and their lifetime has come to its natural end. The puppets in power are not abnormalities within a properly functioning system, but rather inevitabilities of an inherently limited one.

     We move on in gratitude. We must rebuild, taking from the old ways what worked, what was good. and there is indeed so much to take from there. So many triumphs. So many reasons to celebrate. It is time to localize -- to decentralize power and governance. The structures have begun to buckle underneath their own weight. The signs are every where. We will not linger & remain to perish in the rubble of these monuments.

     You are more powerful than you can imagine. And together we are an unstoppable force. All attempts to divide us will end in vain. You are not your race, religion, creed, ideology, gender, sexuality, or occupation. You are a gift to this world. Born with fire in your heart and passion in your belly. You were not born to "BE" somebody -- you were BORN somebody. Your existence is no accident, no mistake. I am grateful to have you here.

     Our battle is not physical, nor political, but spiritual in nature. Fought primarily with our conscious awareness & attention. Disobedience & genuine connection are our ultimate weapons against the machine. It feeds on our attention and exploits our sense of isolation. We will give our attention instead to God, and to each other. We will embrace each other, encourage each other, & challenge each other. We will celebrate our neighbor's wins and mourn their losses. As much as we can manage, we will source our goods locally and circulate the wealth within our neighborhoods rather than exporting it. We've heard it before, "We vote with our dollars." Although I'm certain our method of currency will evolve, we must still be conscious with our investments & wealth management. We will help others do the same.

     This revolution consists of homeschools & backyard farms, the return of tradesmen, craftsmen, & artisans, and the implementation of true consensus based, local self-governance by the people for the people. Be advised, we will have to enforce our sovereignty. These systems will not go down without a fight. I have not in my possession any crystal ball, nor any substantial answers to the hard questions we will certainly face. I have instead, my faith in God and a glimpse of a vision that He gave me. I expect He has given you your own glimpse of the same vision. United, we can put the pieces together and bring the Kingdom of heaven to all people.

     Peace, Love, & Shalom